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Our Firm provides comprehensive legal services to enterprises. We advise our Clients on typical issues connected with running their businesses as well as on non-standard projects. Our services include:

Ongoing Legal Assistance

Our firm provides comprehensive, ongoing legal services to enterprises. We advise on a whole range of issues concerning day-to-day activities of your firm.

Corporate Matters

Our lawyers offer expert advice on corporate matters and provide services to entities of all sizes, including companies and partnerships.


One of our main specialisms is drafting and reviewing all kinds of contracts in business transactions. While advising on contract law, we focus on our Clients’ legal security as well as the business environment specific to the relevant contract.

Capital Transactions

Our firm offers comprehensive legal support for our Clients’ capital transactions irrespective of the size of the company involved. We advise at each stage of the transaction.

Personal data

We carry out in-depth analyses of a whole range of issues concerning personal data protection, solve current legal problems and prepare documentation on personal data processing.

Legal Due Diligence

We have wide experience in conducting comprehensive legal due diligence on various enterprises; in particular, investigations of businesses prior to their acquisition or merger.