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On 13 and 14 April 2016, the Economy and Public Administration Scientific Club at Cracow University of Economics organised a conference ‘Let’s Meet on the Internet. Open 24/7’. Our Law Firm was also invited.

We were pleased to accept the invitation because we enjoy working with young people and are willing to share our knowledge and experience. Besides it was a nice change from our office work.

On 14 April, the second day of the conference , Ms Kinga Koczara, our lawyer, took part in an expert panel ‘Don’t Buy a Pig in a Poke. Online Consumer Rights’.

Ms Kinga Koczara, Mr Jerzy Gramatyka, the Regional and Municipal Consumer Ombudsman in Kraków and Mr Paweł Czop, Vice President of the Kraków Branch of the Consumers Federation discussed online shopping issues which are very important from the point of view of a consumer. She analysed the most common errors made by consumers and entrepreneurs, tried to find and explain the reasons for making them and presented the possible ways of avoiding them. She also suggested some guidelines that should be followed by consumers while entering into online contracts to shop safely.

Another issue covered in the discussion was connected with abusive clauses, their register and the consequences of entering a clause into the register. Ms Koczara had previously presented the problem in her article published on our Website.

We hope that our knowledge and experience which we had a chance to share with young people will make them more aware of their rights and duties while shopping online and will help them to enter into online contracts safely and responsibly.

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